3 Principles of Successful Startups

Many people are trying now. But only a small percentage of them have reached a level of financial independence. And where do most people go broke? At that first stage, they can\’t even get there.

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1.Principle: Do it now

Quit your job only after you are in a good situation and have saved enough money. Now is not the time. When the kids leave home, when they finish school. These are harmful phrases, and once you start saying them to yourself, your dreams are already doomed to perish. It\’s devastating. The biggest obstacle is usually yourself. And that applies everywhere, not just financially. The best way to fight it is to hold your breath. The best way to fight it is to hold your breath and dive in head first. Don\’t think, “What if it doesn\’t work out? The first step toward entrepreneurship is not that dangerous anyway, and it won\’t take you to a place where there is no turning back. The first step could be, for example, making a plan, or creating your first product, or providing the first service you want to offer in your business.So start now!

2.Principle: You have to make mistakes

and you have to be willing to make mistakes.

I am not saying that one must deliberately make mistakes when one has the ability to do the right thing. But one must not be afraid to do the wrong thing. Nor should we be afraid of making the first mistake. Mistakes teach us which way the road does not lead, how to learn from them, and how to apply the experience to the next challenge. Do you know Carnell Sanders? He looks down on you from the KFC logo. For the rest of his life, he could never get the recipe for chicken wings right. It wasn\’t until he was 70 years old that he founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, which is now breathing life into McDonald\’s.
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3.Principle: Don\’t be alone

Often visions fail because the person in question is unable to withstand the onslaught of the task at hand. Therefore, you need to surround yourself with people who can support you. And more importantly, you need to have people who will help you. Someone who can give you some of their work so that you are not overburdened.

If you follow the above lines, you too can one daylook down on your clients from your company logo.