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The Czech Republic is one of the countries with a very large number of zoos and animal parks.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries with a very large number of zoos and animal parks. In all, there are more than five dozen zoos where you can visit with your children or with your colleagues at work.

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Workplace Team Bonding – You\’ve probably heard about how workplace teams bond through sports, cultural experiences, parties, celebrations, and fun events like zorbing or laser beam shooting in the Laser Game Zone. You\’ve probably heard about them. How about skipping the adrenaline rush this time and going to the zoo instead? Does it seem silly, childish, even naive, to see live animals in their enclosures? Because adrenaline can drive many situations to emotional tension, creating blocks between people and potentially causing future conflicts. On the other hand, the calm atmosphere of the zoo is the opposite, and may bring people closer together, relieve tension, and kindle a small flame of love between colleagues.

krásný páv

krásný páv

Emotions for Children

– Children love animals, and after a visit to the zoo, they can take their pets home with them. At the zoo, young children can spontaneously express what animals moved and inspired them, and they can ask if they can have a guinea pig, hamster, or rabbit at home. Of course, they must tactfully explain that a leopard would not live happily in an urban apartment. Keeping a giraffe at home is not a good idea either. It would be like Harvinec confiding to Spable about his winnings after a trip to the zoo.

Lovers– For couples in love, the zoo is the perfect opportunity to express their affection for the opposite sex. If you truly radiate warmth and pure love, the animals will sense it and in return, they will send you energy, just like the plants around you. You can try that at the Prague Zoo, for example. It is very large and undulating there, with nooks and crannies where you can have privacy. Of course, there is space for intimate touching, petting, and kissing.