6 Helpers Don’t leave home while traveling

1.Menstrual Cups

If you want to enjoy some time on the beach or in the pool and do not want to worry about whether there has been an unpleasant accident, or how long and where tampons can be replaced, please contact number 1. This ingenious invention guarantees you up to 12 hours of protection, no matter what you do. And you only need one for up to 10 years.
láhve na pití
 2.Solid 3in1 Travel soap

You don\’t need to drag and drop a bottle of shampoo and shower gel that you can only take on board after 100ml, but you just need one cube to replace both. Have you heard that it also acts as a shaving foam and lasts significantly longer? And as a bonus, there is no chemistry or unnecessary waste! #Plastjepast

3.Coconut oil

An excellent natural fat that has tremendous use. It can be used instead of body cream, lip balm, it also replaces make-up remover. Many people omit toothpaste and use this miracle as a natural variant that does not contain fluoride and other chemicals.And, of course, you can cook with it.
 výrobky z kokosu
4.Water bottles

Are you still buying expensive water at the airport so you don\’t get thirsty during the flight? And you know you don\’t need to? Invest in a quality bottle that will always be emptied before airport check-in. Then fill out again in the cafe in the duty-free zone or ask if you want to look for a drink that is becoming more and more common at the airport. And again you will soften nature by 1 petka. Win-win.
5. Salon

A large scarf that is used in many countries as a common piece of clothing for both women and men. It can be worn in a swimsuit, you can lie on it on the beach instead of a towel, ideal to make a veil if you visit a sacred place. And you have it as a practical souvenir to take away from the holiday as a memory.
 potřeby turistky

Do you like books, but can\’t you decide what to take with you on a trip? What about the whole library? Modern book readers allow you to travel at the same time with an unlimited choice of reading without unnecessary burdens.