[With the changes in modern production processes and technology, the entire manufacturing enterprise is also changing. One of the main parts of the function of the production process is maintenance. [Completely new or more advanced technologies and production processes, as well as the growing demand for faster and more productive production, place high demands on all workers and their functions throughout the manufacturing enterprise. Machine maintenance and repair also play an important role here. This is because, for example, shutdowns due to breakdowns cause enormous losses.

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“When the new replaces the old.”

In the past, maintenance and repair of machinery was usually done by workers with decades of experience. But now they are mostly retiring and leaving in droves. They are replaced by younger but more unstable colleagues. But they have a different mindset about problems and are not afraid to use the latest technology. To remain competitive and avoid losses as much as possible, companies must adapt to these new conditions.

This problem may arise especially in the area of adjusting and repairing more complex machines, which used to be the responsibility of older mathematicians. Here, machine downtime can be significantly extended. In addition, the prices of available spare parts have increased significantly. Such setbacks can be prevented with the right tools for new and inquisitive workers.
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Particularly the availability of information

They want to have the right information at the right time. Thus, a satisfactory solution may be access to a web application where they can obtain real-time breakdown reports and data on each machine\’s performance, past repairs, and spare parts history.

Recognizing the power of properly stored and accessible digital data, companies are increasingly moving to software solutions that allow for the storage, sharing, and overall synchronization of all data. Indeed, the ability to quickly locate the necessary data related to an issue and then immediately correct it is extremely important today.

Today, the so-called “cloud” is particularly fashionable. These are storage facilities that, for a relatively low investment, can connect maintenance personnel with machines and production processes in real time. This reduces costs for unnecessary spare parts, eliminates downtime, and increases machine availability and productivity