Abandoned Land

Yes, there are many tourists here today. That is why a vacation here is an oasis of tranquility. Our location is in the Balkans. It is bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Greece. To the west is the Adriatic Sea. So you already know which country we are talking about. Don\’t you? Now, there is one last clue that will at least give those who are solving the crossword puzzle some confidence. [The capital is Tirana. Yes, that\’s Albania. But not the Caucasus.
Albánská vlajka
If you like mountains, you will have fun here. The Albanian-Greek Mountains and the Dinar Mountains. These include the lakes Skadar, Ohrid, and Prespa. And speaking of water, you can of course take a dip in the largest river, the Dolin.
But let\’s leave geography aside and look at what to eat when you visit.
Without a doubt, seafood. You can get it anywhere and in many ways. And pizza, which is said to be the best in the world, second only to Italy. For the main course,tavë kosi(roasted lamb with yogurt) andpatëllxhanët mbushur(stuffed eggplant). They are all made with fresh ingredients. Take whichever you prefer. If you don\’t like either, try more fögese or perime na skåre.
Albánie, Gjirokaster

There are many ways to drink, many kinds of coffee. And now comes the most delicious one. It is the very famous rakie. If you don\’t know what it is, know that it is a kind of brandy. It is made from fruit. It can be made from any fruit. Do not believe that it is only made from wine. It can be anything. It can be made from anything, like our Slivovitz. Rakija is often made from plums, but it can also be made from wine, about 40%, but at home it is much stronger. If you\’ve never had the pleasure of drinking this stuff, beware. jIt\’s a good drink, but it\’s also an insidious one,and it\’s not to be taken lightly.
Finally, let me mention Butrint and Gjirokastra, both under the protection of UNESCO. For history buffs, a visit to these two is a must. It is a wonderful experience.