Adrenaline Experience

Everyone should enjoy moments of relaxation to their heart\’s content. Those who are not content to simply relax by the water with a book in their hands and seek active relaxation and a variety of sporting activities need to consider the possible risks and work to avoid them.
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Insurance is a necessity

For common accidents, medical treatment abroad can be really expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase travel insurance before your vacation. For the average traveler, the basic options are sufficient. If you want to try adrenaline sports (water skiing, rafting, canyonig scooters, zorbing, paragliding, diving), you should pay extra for the higher risk sports. If an accident occurs and you have no insurance at all or only basic insurance, the cost could run into the millions of kroner. A Czech health insurance card is not enough to get by in a foreign country. In certain countries within the European Union, one can receive routine treatment at public health institutions only if necessary.
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Before leaving

Always purchase travel insurance before leaving on vacation. Also, you do not have to go anywhere; everything can be arranged online. If you purchased your vacation through a travel agent, travel insurance can be arranged through the travel agent and you will simply receive the policy and certificate of insurance in electronic form.
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The type of activity you want to do on your holiday needs to be defined in advance so that you can choose the appropriate premium. For high-risk sports, you will pay twice the premium of a regular policy. It is also necessary to take into account one\’s health status and any difficulties one may have, so as not to take unnecessary risks.