Always be beautiful

Fashion magazines usually only feature young beauties. They try to instill in people the idea that after the age of 30, the “life of a beautiful woman” is over. Older women seem to disappear from the “scene,” while older men are at least seen there as “elegant men” alongside beautiful women. Of course, it is not that simple. Occasionally, some models and actresses stay “in shape” for much longer. They don\’t have it easy, but “normal” women have it harder! But sometimes their way of thinking is “strange”!

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Chasing what they can\’t catch up to

Some older women try to catch up to their youth at all costs. As you know, that can only be done through magic in fairy tales and at great cost. These women feel that they have missed out on everything. But hiding their real age doesn\’t work. Their clothes and attitudes make them laugh and sometimes cry. Miracle cosmetics, plastic surgeons, and boyfriends a generation younger than them don\’t help. In short, we all age.

There are also older women who are “dynamic” in another sense. They are often very pretty, but still tell themselves and others that they are impossibly fat and ugly and that no one likes them. Most often, this is due to low self-esteem. They expect their lovers and friends to constantly argue and entertain them.

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They choose a pace that is too fast

The times that force young women to “only have time until they are 30” and then “quit” are very tough on them! The pace of their fads is often too fast. They need to make the most of life while they have time! There is no time for long preparations. Some girls (unfortunately often supported by their own mothers) try to look and act like adults at 12; at 16 they look like “25” and the charm of youth quickly fades. Some beautiful women look “withered” and “angry” at 30. It is very sad and very unfortunate!

Neither of the above “strategies” are very happy. It\’s not easy, but the most important thing is to arrange ourselves to be healthy and happy in the first place. And a little healthier. Then we will be able to make the right decisions in any situation, at any age. What is appropriate to wear, what to wear, what makeup and hair style to choose. And we don\’t have to be beautiful all the time, just pretty and smiling!