chinchilla care

Chinchillas are small rodents. Smaller in size than a rabbit, but larger than a hamster. It is native to the Andes region of South America. It is often found in mountainous areas. Today, if it were not for chinchilla farms, we might encounter this animal only in taxidermy or in museums. Thanks to farms, we can see chinchillas alive. The life span of the chinchilla is 10 to 14 years. Unfortunately, today this animal is not only taken away for breeding, but some people use its fur by making fur coats. People are fighting against this treatment, but so far they have not succeeded.
činčila v kleci
If children ask you to care for this pet, you need to consider whether they are capable of caring for it themselves. Whether they will treat the pet with respect instead of harming it with their own treatment. This is all something you should consider. Alternatively, talk with your partner and discuss who will take care of the pet and whether it is a good idea to have a pet for the children.
If you decide to buy one, you should have the basic tools to do so. The main thing is to have a place to put it. The cage you buy should also be rather tall. This is because their bodies are adapted to jumping and frolicking in the cage.
činčila v košíku
So a shelf to relax on is a must. If you don\’t want to let them run around outside, you need a cage large enough for them. Of course, it depends on the installation space. Next, you need to buy a watering can that always has fresh water in it. Grain (preferably pellets, not a mix). Fresh hay. A hobble as a bed. Toys and shelves. A house to sleep in. If you buy a small house, the chinchilla may grow up and not fit in the house.