Clever Solutions for Your Home or How to Save Space

Space on the planet is constantly diminishing, so it makes sense to try to save as much space as possible in large cities. In the most overcrowded districts of the world, there are even families living on a few square meters, crammed into tiny private rooms where even school lockers are a top luxury. In these cases, one must conserve as little space as possible. One bed, one stove, one shared toilet, and that\’s it. It\’s communal living. But let\’s talk about an example from my home country, where there is still space. It is not always necessary to save as much space as possible, especially if the apartment or house has a special building design or is just too small.
vysoká postel.jpg

A built-in wardrobe with drawers is the solution

Nothing is easier than to embed a wardrobe in the wall. If the house doesn\’t allow it, you may have to tinker a bit, but the result is a few more meters of space in the room. Drawers can also be put under the bed.
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Bed becomes sofa, sofa becomes bed

These days, space-seekers are creating sofas that don\’t look like sofas, that can “transform” into a completely normal bed with a simple movement. Clever solutions and sophisticated designs are what many young people are looking for. Such beds may not be the cheapest, but at least you don\’t have to buy one to sit on, just turn it over and you\’re done.

Bunk beds and tables at the same time

Very popular are tables with a “roof” over the bed. The bed can be climbed by a small ladder, this is not a problem, especially for children who love this. And why not? It\’s the perfect solution for smaller rooms. There is plenty of space for toys, wardrobes, and anything else a child might want. What\’s more, such a bed may have a wardrobe and drawers, and the chair can easily slide out of the way. In short, they have it all.