Colonies of white creatures

Some of the animal kingdom does not benefit much from human presence. How many species of animals have we already eradicated from the earth? Fortunately, humans have realized that this is not the case and measures have been taken to prevent further destruction. One endangered species is the whooping crane. sibiřský jeřáb
-Twenty years ago, this graceful bird was found only in Siberia.
-and presumably they all knew each other.
-There were only 15 birds. This is the limit of absolute extinction.
sibiřský jeřáb

Fortunately, another habitat was later discovered in China. The number has now grown to a satisfactory 3-4,000 birds.The whooping crane (as its name suggests) is as white as snow, with only its wings black.
It thus somewhat resembles a stork. Its vocal tone is different from that of other cranes, as it seems to play the clarinet.
obrovská křídla

Saving the White-crowned Crane

Determined to save this interesting bird from extinction, the breeding station decided to release it back into the wild. Therefore, the members of the breeding station had to adapt in all aspects. bílý pták ve voděThe first important thing was to ensure that the birds would not be afraid of humans. Because if they did, they would surely fall back into the abyss of extinction.
The attendants had to wear white when they approached him.
Only their eyes were peeking out of their bodies. It was a little strange; they seemed to be smiling a little.
o It was as if they were members of some strange sect that professed cranes as gods rather than protectors of animals.o
o This impression was certainly reinforced the moment the cranes began an interesting dance.
bílý pták ve vodě

The dance was like a strange show, full of mutual bowing and graceful leaps. One can only hope that this majestic bird will soon increase in numbers enough to be taken off the endangered species list.