Don’t be afraid to play sports during pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, it does not mean that you should just rest and not move from now on. This is, of course, if your pregnancy is trouble-free, your baby and yourself are healthy, and everything is going well. Sports have many benefits for both you and your baby!
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1. Strengthen muscles and stay fit
In particular, it eliminates back pain, helps you cope better with pregnancy, and helps you get back into shape faster after childbirth.
2. Weight gain is reduced
If you exercise enough, you will not gain as much weight. This would be desirable for all pregnant women and good for the possibility of various health complications.
3. Childbirth will be easier
Some physical activities designed specifically for pregnant women promise to make childbirth easier, such as pregnancy yoga. In general, women who are in good physical condition are better positioned for a smooth delivery and subsequent recovery.
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4. Feel better mentally[34
It is a simple equation. If you get enough exercise, you get more exposure to fresh air. Your body will release endorphins, you will feel mentally better, and your baby will be more energetic!
5. Meet other women
If you don\’t have any pregnant friends nearby and want to share everything with someone, you can make new friends at pregnancy yoga, for example!

What is appropriate physical activity during pregnancy?

Depending on what type of exercise you were used to before pregnancy, you can choose appropriate physical activity. You should not start a new, more strenuous exercise program during pregnancy. Consult your physician!
– Walking – This is the easiest exercise you can do!
– Yoga during pregnancy – a special exercise that promises a safe delivery!
– Pregnancy Exercises – Usually consist of light strengthening and stretching.
– [56] Swimming [57] – It\’s easier on your back and the water makes your belly bigger.
– [59] Fitness – Muscle strengthening can be done.