Don’t Forget Anything

From the children\’s point of view, two months pass like water, but as soon as they sit down in September, it seems as if everything has evaporated from their minds. Charles IV? Who is that? A multiplication table? Flowers? Is it spelled with an I or a Y? Any parent with a child in compulsory schooling must have felt, as September begins, that they have an undisciplined problem child at home, yet one who is successfully resisting any efforts to fill his or her cerebrum. No wonder, then, that many adults try to ease the situation a bit by secretly handing out math practice books and syllabaries to their little ones during the summer months. But is this necessary?
dívka na kole.jpg
The word vacation comes from the word empty. Just as parents need a vacation, children need time to recover from 10 months of education. So give them at least the first few weeks off. Even after that, don\’t overdo it. At least, if there are no dropouts at home, there is no need to tie the child to a textbook. Try a different approach. For example, at a Scout camp, your child can learn a lot of science in a nonviolent way. Thanks to cryptography, they can practice Czech and math. It\’s important to let them learn without being noticed. Going to grandma\’s house? Let them have a book of their choice. It doesn\’t have to be Girasek or Niemková.
kreslení ve škole.jpg
And if your child is about to be scolded? Again, even a failing student needs a few days off. Unlike other students, they need to study, but there is no need to rush them into studying right after the report card comes out. It is natural to be angry and disappointed, but instead of scolding, try to help the child as much as possible and motivate him or her in a positive way instead of threatening. Understanding, patience, parental love, and a happy medium are always best.