Energy from the sun can be harnessed in other ways

The Sun. The golden disk makes life on this planet possible. The sun allows us to turn day into night, allows everything in nature to grow, and allows animals, including humans, to live. The sun allows plants to photosynthesize, where oxygen is produced. Oxygen is very necessary for us as well as animals to live.
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Humans have also learned to use solar energy not only in nature, but also to boil water for human domestic use. They have even invented ways to use solar energy to heat their homes during the winter and protect the atmosphere from solid fuel heating emissions. Many fields are covered with ropes of solar collectors instead of crops to generate electricity on a large scale. And indeed, solar collectors generate electricity and feed it into the power grid. Many homes also have solar collectors on their roofs, whether for electricity, hot water, or heating. While the purchase price of these collectors may be high, the investment quickly pays back several times over.

Humans, being curious creatures, are beginning to find other ways to use this free resource for their own needs. They know this and many scientific teams around the world are working on ways to utilize it. Some teams have come up with excellent and successful ideas, while others have not, and they are burnt out by the incompleteness of their ideas. People are trying to find new ways to meet their needs and not deplete natural resources that may soon be depleted. Resources like oil and coal. The use of solar energy has a future, and as a species we still have very large gaps and room for improvement.
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So look for other ways to harness solar energy, not just as a source of electricity generation or heat. I believe that scientists will soon find other ways to harness this nearly limitless, inexhaustible source of energy for the benefit of humanity and nature.