Everything needs to be paid for

We all know the drill: orange bills, bank reminders, various types of bills, etc. The quickest and most common way is through Internet banking, where one can enter a transaction on the Internet from the comfort of one\’s home and have the debt paid the next day. However, it has not always been that easyto pay
peníze pod lupou
Payment is actually the transfer of some “wealth” to another. For example, we often make payments in kind, meaning, for example, goods or know-how. Payments always have a due date, which is defined by agreed-upon payment terms . What are other types of payments?
– Cash payments
– Payment by card – debit, credit

-Payment by check[27
– 30] Payment by transfer from one bank account to another[30
– 31] Payment by standing order[33
– 34] Payment by postal money order
čas jsou peníze[38
We make many payments each month, and in doing so we determine our household finances.
Regular monthly payments include, for example, :.
– [46] rent payments[46
– [47] Telephone bill payments[49
– 50] payment of utility bills[52
– 53] Payment of tuition/fees[55
– 56] Alimony payments[58
– 59] Loan Repayment[61
– 62] Payment of children\’s association fees[64
– 65] Payment of children\’s school lunch fees[67
– 68] Newspaper and magazine subscriptions [69] [70] [71
Of course, there are many more regular monthly payments, divided individually according to a person\’s needs. In any case, [72] perhaps the largest item in monthly expenses is food [73]. The family goes on a major shopping spree about once a week, and even during that week they buy the necessities of life, such as bread and milk. However, since these items are the freshest and most perishable, they cannot be kept in stock.
nákupy na karty
We also have to consider every month that, for example, a pair of shoes breaks or a jacket rips and we have to rush to buy new clothes. Therefore, we should have a certain amount of financial leeway and set aside at least a minimum amount of each paycheck in a savings or property account. That way, we will not be surprised by unexpected expenses.