Exotic Animals

I have always been interested in science and everything around it. For example, I could never imagine not being able to read or watch interesting programs about nature. Even when I was a little girl, I loved my mom and dad reading books to me. Later, I loved to read books by myself. And after I learned the wonderful part, I loved to read books to my parents. I don\’t know if my parents enjoyed it or if they were obligated to listen so as not to hurt me. But let me tell you, it was no ordinary book. You would think that when I was eight years old I was still reading fairy tale books and books about falling in love. That was not the case at all. I really liked reading science books, especially books about animals.

Zvířata mě fascinují.

You are probably familiar with all the great books on animal life. And I enjoy African animals the most. To know something more about the ecology of African animals is really scientific. I later found out that the ecology of African animals is not as rosy as I had thought. I had thought that since Africa is always warm and there are no cars or smog, the animals must be enjoying their lives. But it was the opposite. Yes, thanks to science books, I learned that Africa is beautiful and warm. It\’s just that sometimes it\’s really hard to find water.

Sloni jsou úchvatní.

Sometimes the animals there die needlessly because they cannot find enough water. So, as an animal, I would not want to live in Africa. But of course I was interested in African animals from a scientific point of view, and I even wanted to go to veterinary school in the future and specialize in exotic animals there. I always wanted to enjoy such science. There are few scientists in our state who understand exotic animals. After that, I might get a job in a zoo. But I need to be able to get into a special school for science, and I don\’t think that\’s going to be easy.