From Water to Plate: How to Identify Fresh Fish

Appearance says the most

You don\’t necessarily have to be a fishing expert to buy good fish for dinner. For practical purposes, all you need to do is look. Simply put, you just have to like the way it looks. If you\’re buying salmon, for example, the flesh should be juicy pink to red. If you see shades of gray or brown, you should reach for a different fish. In this case, the fish has probably been in this condition for a long time.
Another sign is the oft-mentioned eyes. While not visible in fillets, when buying whole small fish such as mackerel or trout, you can judge the freshness of a fish by its eyes. Like the flesh, it should be clear and not too cloudy.
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Smell the fish. A good restaurant should give you the opportunity to do so. Again, you have to smell it and like it. Many people reject fish because they naturally smell fishy. Not so with freshwater pond fish, but fish like the aforementioned salmon should not smell bad. In fact, really fresh fish should not smell as bad as good quality meat.
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Be careful where you shop

Major chain stores are good because of discounts and promotions, but if you want really good quality fish, go directly to a specialty store or fishmonger. If these options are not available, buy fish from supermarkets, but avoid freezers. Try to buy two identical pieces of fish, one frozen and one refrigerated. You will notice a difference not only in taste, but also in appearance and smell.

Do not hesitate to process the fish.

Each pack of fish is marked with when it was caught and how long it should be processed. These dates should not be tampered with and should be strictly observed. Fish that have been refrigerated, in particular, will have a shorter shelf life due to inadequate sterilization. Do not hesitate, even with fish that has been specially vacuum-processed.