How money Was Born

In earlier times, people did not need money, and people did not know money at all. Different types of food, weapons and tools changed their owners by replacing one product with another. Money came only with the development of agriculture and pastoralism, when the first surplus of food was formed.
české mince a bankovky
Without money, neither commerce nor industry would have developed, and humanity would never be without money in an economically developed form as it is today.

The oldest form of coins is believed to be bronze and copper imitation shells [1000], which China began producing around 11 BC. The first paper money report dates back to around 806 AD, and the Chinese are said to have been inspired by deer skins, and were originally making something similar to coins.

And what is the history of money in our Republic.
The first coins in our country are Denaliand they are associated with the government of Boleslav I.It was said that he murdered his brother Wenceslas to reach the crown. In front of Denarius was his image, and in the back was his wife. At that time, 1 Denarius was such a value, so it was enough for a man to satisfy his needs for a month.
Denali was then replacedby Prague Groš, introduced by Wenceslas 2 during his reign. Casting began around 1300 and gradually disappeared until after 1561.
hromada euromincí
During the reign of the Habsburg family, the so-called Imperial goldwas used.It has a golden name, but it was a silver coin, these coins were introduced by Ferdinand I.A few years later, the so-called white pennies were also introduced, at the same time as pennies, ducats also began to be minted, it was already gold coins.
At that time, tolars were also used,and they really are the dollar predecessors of today, they got in the 18th century. In the 19th century, tolars were introduced to America, where they became dollars, and at that time were large silver coins.

When our Republic ceased to be part of Austria-Hungary, citizens wanted to have their own money. The Czechoslovak currency was thus issued on the 15th. 1919-4.

Great speed was needed, so the design was entrusted to different artists and printed at the same time on many printers, and our famous painterAlfons Mucha also received this task and is the author of our first 10 crowns, 20 crowns, 100 crowns and 500 crowns.He also painted portraits of his wife and daughter. Most of the money was printed in book printing, and only a few thousand crowns came from America, where, thanks to gravure printing, it received many protective elements.
česká koruna
The quality of the paper in our printed state was not so high, and forgery occurred almost immediately. The most illegally produced were 100, 500 and 5000 crowns.Therefore, they quickly withdrew from circulation, so the most valuable thing is that if you find 5000 crowns of paper on the land of your grandparents, today you can get up to 500 thousand crowns.