How to deal with ticks? From the forest

It is quite small, but could cause a big problem. It should not be dialed, but its presence makes it easy to dial. It is quite popular in the Czech Republic, where its numbers are increasing every year. That it is a tick is anyone\’s guess. Would you believe that there are many mythssurrounding its existence? Maybe you have one of them fixed.hnusné klíště
If you don\’t go into the forest, you can\’t bring one of them with you. The same is true at higher elevations. This is utter nonsense.

You can bring ticks even from a city park at an altitude of 6 or 700 meters.

Ticks are everywhere. Even at altitudes as high as 1,000 meters above sea level. Ticks may have limited means of transportation, but that does not preclude them from using some form of transportation. Perhaps birds or hikers.

They are easiest to catch in the forest because they fall from trees.
– This superstition is also quite widespread. Although illogical. Why would a tick go up a tree when it can wait to get its footing in a thicket or grassy area? Moreover, ticks don\’t care what part of the body they perch on. What about the fact that he found them on his neck? That means it climbed up there.
malý parazit
They don\’t like beer and cigarettes. [You have to use your beer breath to get rid of them and your cigarette smoke to get rid of the mosquitoes. “Ticks don\’t care what\’s in your blood.
Ticks stay away from people wearing brightly colored clothes.
– Even if a person looks like a polar bear, it does him little good. However, one might want to wear brightly colored clothing for the trip. Dark ticks can be detected before they get on your body.
If the tick is already attached to the body, it must be rolled counterclockwise.
– This myth is probably the most widespread. This method works if the tick is screwed up on us. 54]
The best method is to apply disinfectant to the tick and remove it using special forceps.