Interesting Facts About Animal Life

1. Tigers have stripes on their skin as well as on their fur. No two tigers have the same stripes.
Kangaroos use their tails to balance themselves when jumping, so if their tails are injured, they will not be able to move as they should.
3. the 5mm Caribbean jellyfish is the only immortal animal in the world.
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4. A pedal-powered bicycle is a favorite attraction for hamsters.
5. the cricket\’s ears are located below the knees and are tiny tympanic membranes called tympanic organs.
6. rats, like camels, can go for days without water.
7. queen ants sleep for up to 9 hours, while workers sleep 453 times during the day for more than one minute.
8. the largest creature in the world is a large whale called the blue whale. It is up to 30 meters long and weighs over 200 tons. A newborn calf already weighs 3 tons, gains 4 kilograms per hour, and drinks 250 liters of milk per day.
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9. the crocodile\’s expression of tears conveys false emotions. In fact, moist eyes are not an expression of emotion, but are related to digestion.
10. cockroaches can live for 10 days without a head.
11. only the female mosquito sucks human blood, while the male sucks the juices of plants.
12. Giraffes sleep in minutes, not hours.
13. Camels can survive for seven days without water, not because of the large reserves in their humps, but because of their high red blood cell count.
14. Dogs do not see only black and white; they can distinguish other colors, but they do not see as broad a spectrum as humans do.
15.Chameleons do not change color according to their surroundings, but rather according to mood, health, and temperature.
16.Bats are not blind, they just do not have well-developed eyesight and are equipped with so-called sonar.
17. ostriches do not actually bury their heads in the sand, but rather check and rotate the eggs laid there.
18. koalas are marsupials, not teddy bears.
19. turtles can breathe through their hips.
20. iguanas have three eyes: two normal eyes and one light-sensing eye.
21. otters hold each other\’s hands when sleeping to avoid being swept away by the current.
22. Macaques, monkeys, enjoy making snowballs.
23. Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a giant whale.
24. A purring cat is happy. – Cats sometimes make the same purr when they are frightened or in pain, and purring calms them down
25. beavers can hold their breath underwater for 45 minutes.
26. Dogs do not have an appendix.
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Animals as well as humans have originality.