Introduce your child to part-time work

The older your child gets, the more things they will need. Or, conversely, they may just want it. There are two ways to give this:
1. Pay for what they want and make them incredibly happy.
2. Introduce them to the possibility of part-time work.
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Family Business

Some lucky parents run the family business. Whether it is a restaurant, a car repair shop, or a furniture store, parents can give their children jobs and the children can learn how things work in the adult world and how difficult it is to win a few laurels.
As for the family business, if you own it, there are better, easier ways to help children find work. úsměv u pcIn fact, you will be doing the hardest and most difficult thing for your children, essentially robbing them of responsibility and all the initiative they need to become familiar with when applying for jobs.
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You must start slowly and sensibly

Above all, you must emphasize to children that they do not know if they will be paid enough for the work they do. Work is usually only valued at some financial contribution, and sometimes it can take months to reach the funds needed to accomplish what they want. To get them to start working part-time, give them some advice on how to earn money with a part-time job.

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Don\’t pick and choose – To a certain extent, you can pick and choose the specifications of the work you want to do, but you can no longer decide that this or that is not for you.
Requirements are low, goals are high – You should first have low requirements and high goals, which may eventually put you in a better position.
Everyone can handle the beginning – Don\’t let their spirits drop on the first day of work. Any beginning is a difficult one, and everything gets much better with time.
Don\’t talk back to your boss – At home, your parents are your boss; at work, you are your boss.
Be humble and modest– With a positive attitude toward work and people, you will do well at your new job and function well overall.
How do I find a job?
– Ask friends and acquaintances
– Go directly to the branch office of a particular company looking for temporary workers
– Look at newspaper ads
– Search on Internet portals offering temporary jobs