Leaving is Not the Solution

New adults typically choose what to do in the future when they leave high school. But in my opinion, parents of the current generation have a very pronounced influence on this, preferring not to admit the mistakes of the child, but to blame the educator for the flaws that arise in the offspring.
profesorka ve středním věku
But it also came to an end to the fact that today\’s young children are really incredibly disrespectful and it simply exceeds the level of tolerance for someone, but thanks to education, our country has reached a really great level in terms of education, so there is a lack of respect for this profession that I myself really regret. It is necessary to mention the following:
But in my opinion, there are still bright exceptions that will not give up this fight until the last moment, for which we all need to be forever grateful. Thanks to these exceptions, the young population has at least a partial interest in conveying the experience to others.
But what to do when you simply know that you are no longer good enough, or when you simply don\’t want to do it anymore. As the fascinating title of the article itself suggests, I would like to tell you all that just leaving is not the best solution, as in my opinion it means that you have already given up everything.
I\’m not saying that there are no circumstances in which leaving school is inevitable, but if it\’s not absolutely necessary, it\’s time to think about whether it\’s not appropriate to change something in your life other than your meritorious profession.
vyučující ve třídě
In conclusion, I would like to share my story with you. After leaving primary school, I decided to study secondary education school, which certainly took a lot from me, but at the same time gave me a lot. On the other hand, I do not want to convince you to do so, because if I face this decision today, I will not take it up again.
In any case, after its successful completion, I threw myself into a completely different field of study in university law. But even though I have not continued to focus on the positive possibilities of working in education, I do not deny that this could happen sometime in the future, especially since none of us can be completely sure of our life path.