Medicinal Catnip

At the University of California, Davis, scientists have studied why our little furry friends actually purr. The frequency of this regular sound ranges from 25 hertz to 150 hertz, which is the same as a human heartbeat.
zelenooká zrzavá kočka
It is this very deep frequency that is so beneficial to all organisms, and all organisms improve when exposed to such frequencies:
o bone strength
o muscle strengthening
o better wound healing [
So basically, when the cats start coming, not only do you relax and meditate, but you strengthen and heal yourself. [This is very necessary for the cats because they have a rhythm of life.
o When you put the cat on your lap or close to your body, the lower frequencies of the purr are transmitted from the cat\’s body to the human body. In other words, by having your favorite cat purr, you are actually improving the health of both of you. Any owner of this furry heeler will attest that the cat can detect any health problems the owner may have.
zrzavá číča
There is an old veterinary adage that if you put a pile of broken bones and a cat in the same room, the bones will mend. A great many people hate cats, but that is a pity for humans, not the cat\’s fault.
spící mourovatá kočka
Cat rotation, in particular, can help with many ailments, including:
o Reduces stress levels and calms nerves.
o Relieves symptoms of respiratory distress in cats and humans.
o Lower blood pressure.
o Heals and strengthens bones.
o Reduce risk of heart attack.
o Help treat infections and swelling.
o Heal muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries.
o Aids in the healing of all soft tissues.
o Improves digestion.
o Cures diseases of the digestive tract.
o Extends age by up to 10 years.
o Lower cholesterol.

o Reduces cholesterol.