SEO – 3 Tips to Improve

In today\’s digital age, it is absolutely inconceivable that your business does not have at least a small representation online. The number of opportunities and customers you miss out on is far too great to ignore. But how do you get people to actually notice your website?
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Almost every Internet user uses a search engine, be it Google or Czech Seznam. And each of these search engines uses different algorithms to determine the actual search results for individual queries. Ranking websites in these search results is an area that SEO (short for search engine optimization) focuses on. Search engines assign a ranking to each page on the Internet based on how the page looks, what features it has, and its content. And getting these criteria right, which search engines use to make decisions, can have a positive impact on a website\’s ranking.
So what are the factors that are not time-consuming or skill-complex and can be changed quickly?
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Broken Links
One very common problem faced by many websites is broken links placed in text or code. If such links are also present on your site, you are unnecessarily lowering your page ranking by the search engines, since the presence of broken links is one of the criteria their algorithms focus on. There are basically two ways to disable a link on your site: either a URL rewrite error occurs or the landing page is deleted. Whatever the cause, it is always a good idea to double-check the links on the site and replace the broken ones.

Another factor is the loading speed of the site. There are two aspects to this problem. Not only do the search engines themselves keep track of how long your site takes to load, but if it takes too long to load, even the average user will lose patience and leave the site prematurely, further damaging your site\’s reputation among search engines.
Content is Key [18].
With SEO\’s constant focus on search engine algorithms, many web developers forget that the most important thing is still the user, and that if users do not encounter quality content on a site, they will go elsewhere. And this fact must be kept in mind when optimizing for search engines. Because search engine algorithms are very sophisticated and can judge the quality of content.