Support shelters in the Czech Republic

Whether you are an animal lover or simply like to help others. If for some reason you are unable to keep animals in your home, supporting your chosen shelter is often the right solution. Trust that any shelter will welcome your initiative and willingness to help. However, many shelters do more than that. Many of them shelter abandoned or abused creatures beyond the shelter\’s potential carrying capacity.
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Not everyone can welcome a dog from a shelter, as many celebrities do. Deschanel, B. Cooper or G. Clooney Animals are the most devoted and grateful creatures on earth. All animals in shelters have had ferocious and often cruel experiences in their lives. Therefore, they need more help in any way they can get. And anyone can really help!

What are the options for help and assistance?

  1. Financial assistance – all animals in shelters need care, treatment, vaccinations, feeding, etc., and require significant funding. But even here, caution is needed and the shelter in question needs to be checked out. Ideally, a reliable shelter should be drawn from animal shelter websites and shelters visited by the crew of the “Want Me?” show. Some shelters offer the possibility of virtual adoption. Usually these are dumb-looking ones that are already elderly, elderly animals, have no adoption prospects, or are seriously ill

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  1. Material assistance – food, treats, vitamins and supplements, bowls, leashes, blankets, beds, toys, etc. Cleaning supplies, tools, etc. Most shelters post on their websites what supplies they need and welcome your help.

  1. Walk the Dog at the Shelter – This event is a great way to welcome your children as well as your children when you go to the shelter with them and walk the dog with them. Walking a shelter dog can be an educational way for your children to learn and build a positive relationship with the animal. Some shelters offer the option of renting out dogs for the weekend.

Best solutions and advice to conclude

Visit the nearest shelter in person and learn what kind of help they welcome. This way, you can also establish an occasional working relationship with the shelter.