Technology in the home

If you could only keep one piece of technology in your home, what would it be? When my mother asked me this, I had no idea what I would choose. Because I love my refrigerator, and I keep yogurt and pasta in it. And I think pasta is already made with some kind of sauce, so as a technician, the thing I would miss the most would be the refrigerator. But if we didn\’t have a stove or microwave, how would we make the sauce or boil the pasta?

Techniku má doma každý.

This is a really big dilemma and problem. You can\’t really decide what you want at home. It\’s like asking a woman what she likes. Do you want lipstick or do you want mascara? Even I really don\’t know what to say. On second thought, I might answer that I won\’t give up mascara. But this requires technique and equipment! I mean, you could probably do without the microwave and the kettle.

Doma mám i nářadí na techniku.

You could probably do without a TV, but would you even spare a refrigerator, washing machine, or rice cooker? I don\’t think so. I am glad I did not have to go through that experience. I value appliances and technology so much that I expect them to last a long time. I am not the type of person who cares about everything. For example, I know several people who don\’t take care of their kitchen appliances and worry that something will break or something will stop working again. But this is really not a good thing to do, because then you can\’t even cook. How are you going to make a good cup of coffee if your coffee maker is completely clogged? I don\’t think that should happen. I clean my coffeemaker, too, and everyone should.