The Path to Health and Vitality

What is Raw aka Vitalianism?

Many of you have probably seen the term before. But let\’s say it again, just in case. VITARIANISM, RAW DIET, and RAW FOOD are names for diets based on altering foods as gently as possible to retain as many nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes as possible. When cooking foods, it is important not to exceed approximately 42-45° °. A living diet is a diet in which “life” is maintained by active enzymes . Living enzymes are simply circulating in a living diet and are not “killed” by sparingly cooked food.
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How do you cook them?

Most people think that raw food refers only to uncooked food, i.e., raw fruits and vegetables. And many find this totally unappealing. But that is not what raw food is about. Raw food represents a unique way to prepare very tasty and nutritious food without having to bake, fry, or grill it. So what are some of the cooking methods? The most common cooking method isdrying, up to 45°, as already mentioned. However, nuts, seeds, lentils, and legumes, for example, need to be sprouted .Any raw fruit or vegetable can be included in the raw diet. However, sprouted seeds, nuts, sprouted grains and legumes are definitely part of the diet. However, it is not necessary to consume only foods in their basic form. On the Internet, you can find all sorts of vegetarian recipes, from raw cakes and desserts to raw spaghetti made from zucchini. It\’s up to your imagination.
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What are the characteristics of raw food?

Raw fruits and vegetables take about an hour to digest in the stomach. In contrast, cooked foods take at least three hours to digest and produce a lot of waste and impurities. Thus, raw foods promote digestion to the simplest, most easily digestible levels of nutrients. Thisconserves the body\’s energyfor digestion and elimination, so people naturally feel full of energy. Above all, the risk of various diseases is greatly reduced because the body detoxifies itself perfectly.