Vacation. We go with the camper!

Driving a modern camper is no different from driving a regular car. Of course, you can not expect acceleration, as in a sports car, but even in the corners, the passage is not as comfortable as in a normal car. Otherwise, do not expect great difficulties. It\’s like sitting in a 20-year-old station wagon. And maybe even better.

loď v kempu

When driving normally, think carefully about overtaking. What your car you drive every day can handle in 2 seconds, a camper can handle about 2 times. You also need to think while braking or commuting to an obstacle. You can\’t afford to hit the brakes and enjoy being held by your seat belt. Not so you just have to sort the dishes in the cupboard and you certainly don\’t want it.
obytný vůz na pobřeží

Before going on vacation, refill all the trays. Check the air conditioner, on the water, in the toilet chemistry. Also empty the waste water collection tank. If you rent a camper from a rental company, these worries will go away. Car rental is already well equipped. You\’re going right away.

Plan your route carefully. For example, considering whether you are a driver skilled enough to handle the narrow meandering roads of the Alps or in Norway with a big camper please note that in some sections the road is very narrow and can not be reversed several tens of meters when you encounter the 2nd big car in the opposite direction

Last but not least, carefully choose the campsite where you want to spend the night. Your car is mostly self-sufficient, but sometimes you need to replenish supplies, water and rechargeable batteries. Also, camping accommodation is convenient, since the camper provides a fairly decent opportunity to solve personal hygiene, but still everything is very cramped. So in the camp, you will definitely want to take advantage of a large and comfortable shower.
kemp pro obytné vozu

When traveling abroad, find out in advance what options are available to stay overnight in the wild, in nature or somewhere in the parking lot. For example, in most countries it is forbidden to use rest areas near highways and first-class roads for sleeping. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Have a nice holiday.