What are the benefits of social networking

It goes without saying that social networks are a modern phenomenon. There is no one who does not have an account on one of them. While it is certainly important to discuss social networks, especially with children, it is also necessary to evaluate their benefits.

This is primarily the ability to communicate instantly with virtually anyone, to make and gain new contacts, and to be instantly aware of events around them that may be of interest to them.

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This is, of course, especially used by companies as a way to attract new customers. They pay for advertising and their ads are shown to people from time to time as one of their posts. They hope that it will attract people and thus get more traffic, especially if it is a special event.

But it is not only businesses that benefit from this trend. Talented people can post their work here, whether it be paintings, songs, or whatever. As a result, they become better known and more people become interested in their work.

Ordinary people can get many new tips and get to know people with the same hobbies and the same or similar values. With a hobby, it is easy to arrange an exchange or sale of individual works, or even an event to bring people together.

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Of course, the risks of social networking cannot be underestimated. This is especially true for children. Indeed, in most cases, there are age restrictions on the age at which accounts can be created, but children usually have no control over whether these restrictions are complied with. Thus, it is sufficient for a child to answer “yes” to the question whether he or she is older than the stated age, and the account can be set up without further problems.59]

Parental supervision is therefore necessary. Parents should be interested in what websites their children are visiting and with whom and how they are talking. By doing so, they can prevent much of what is dangerous for their children. And the safety of children should be paramount.