What is fashion?

It is believed that the cradle of fashion is France, where many luxurious fashion houses were created, famous for their works around the world. Their products are still exclusive, mainly due to the sophisticated design and high price. Only a few people can afford them, and in their offers you can find really unique pieces made only of a few pieces, the price rises and even more exclusive goods than before. 1 bag can cost millions of crowns.

pánská móda

Every year, many fashion events related to fashion shows are held. And some manufacturers of clothes, shoes and accessories are trying to shock at any cost. It\’s not just about displaying models and models from the new collection, but also about using models with defects, for example, limb defects or vitiligo. It\’s nice that brands are trying to point out that people are different and not always perfect, but for many viewers, such clothes are not attractive. She was always selling beauty, and if you put a small swimsuit on a model that weighs 150 pounds, it will probably make a good impression on you.

Of course, not all models were made to be worn for work, but some of them were made for promotion purposes, and at times, therefore, you can meet with works that are not really wearable, in which the model can hardly carry the catwalk.

dámská móda

Fashion for the majority
The majority of people take clothes as a necessary part of life, and even if some people want to dress clean, it is a lot of statistical problems and do not have to spend half a salary on overpriced clothes that have nothing to do with taste. Even if you have aT5,000 T-shirt, you won\’t be a better person. And in vain, many rich people do not say that luxury clothes are bought mainly by the poor. It should be noted that the richest people, like Bill Gates, wear ordinary clothes and wear several crowns.