What is the Darknet

There are many examples of the “darknet” and they all work a little differently. They include sites that are excluded from search by having a robots.txt file set up so that Google and other search engines cannot identify them on the Internet. These include personal websites and intranets
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However, this dark web (the term is often confused with the name deepnet) does more than just prevent search engines from indexing them. Darknet websites are anonymous; it is impossible to visit such a website and know who the website owner is. Darknet websites are websites that use the Tor network (The Cigarette Router); the basis of the Tor network is that it contains so many nodes that it is impossible to track their origin, what the data is, or where it came from.

Is the darknet available?

Normal browsers cannot penetrate this type of network, which has a top-level domain called with the extension “.onio”. Since these domains are created by Onion, DNS servers cannot break into such networks if they host anonymous websites using the Onion network or Tor. Therefore, the DNS server does not know what these domains are, and if you try to access any of the sites, you will get an incorrect indication that they cannot be found. Only the Onion servers know how to look up these domain names.
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The Darknet is a part of the Internet that hosts anonymous websites with largely non-legitimate content, such as drugs, banned pornography, and videos with truly horrific content. Various theories have been developed as to who is running these sites and from where. Not all parts of the site can be accessed without problems. It is believed that videos with truly offensive content can only be viewed by “invited persons”. There is no clear procedure for becoming a suitable candidate to view such videos, but we do not recommend it either.