Why an underwater saw?

For the woodworker, the saw is indispensable;
if you ask him if he knows of a device called a “muffle,”
he is bound to explain that it is a stolní kotoučová pilamanual circular saw
and that everyone knows it.
– If he were a casual handyman, he might not know that there is another variation of this saw. [it has been modified to be able to do plunge cutting.
stolní kotoučová pila
Until recently, only professional craftsmen had them. And because they were truly professional, they were also very expensive. Nowadays, affordable models are available on the market, and even amateurs can afford a jigsaw. Why buy an underwater saw?
– Its great advantage is that the saw blade can be easily and safely plunged anywhere on the surface of the material.
The blade is stored in a housing and only comes out when you start cutting. In this type of saw, the casing is almost completely closed. 23] The advantages of this are twofold
1. the work is safer
2. the chips are well sucked out and do not get in the eyes


Again, savings here

Plunge saws are used primarily when holes need to be drilled.
This could be a kitchen sink or stove.
In this case, the work is safer. The blade is one of the most important parts of the saw. Craftsmen offer valuable advice regarding saws.
zuby pilového kotouče

– Save money by making your saw into a little kit.
– You can buy an inexpensive model saw and install a blade from a reputable manufacturer.
– If you have a handsaw designed specifically for DIY and the bar is too short, you can purchase an extension attachment.
– Buy a bar with a rubber band on the underside, which eliminates the need to clamp the bar to the material to be cut.