Why did we have to reinvent technology to go to the moon?

When humans first set foot on the Moon in 1969, it was truly a historic moment. However, after several subsequent explorations, not only did people\’s interest wane, but so did the government\’s interest. After all, their main goal was to win the “space race” with the Soviet Union.

As a result, NASA funding was cut and the Apollo program was subsequently cancelled. The Apollo program made a total of six orbital flights, five of which were successful. The only exception was Apollo 13. Today, however, there is talk of going to the moon again.

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But this had many problems to solve. One of them was to invent technology that could transport a human crew there. That is one of the reasons why the conspiracy to have never seen the moon is so vivid. After all, we already had the moon. So why not use it again?

It seems like a pretty solid argument, but a closer look reveals that it is also not so simple. Indeed, while there are still plans to build everything, the problem is compatibility. This is the main reason why everything must be rebuilt from scratch.

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Virtually every computer or console user knows this problem. You cannot run the latest games on an Atari64, even if you slice and dice them. The latest Microsoft Office will not run on MSDOS. The same is true in this case.

We must remember that since the 1970s we have modernized all systems, not just NASA, not just computer systems. This is understandable. After all, better results can be achieved with better technology. New technologies, like the Weber telescope, require systems powerful enough to process the data.

But this also means that the programs and equipment used in the Apollo missions are no longer available. And that should be one of the main considerations.