Although we are carnivores…

huge questions about organic meat, ordinary meat, minced meat, meat from Poland and what kind of meat to buy. Then there are eggs to buy. Cage, garbage and free range, Czech, Polish and others. And so on, on and on. It\’s not just about our health, fashion trends, or the financial side of things, it\’s about animals.
Kohout, slepice, volný výběh.
Have you thought about it from the point of view of these animals? If so, then you understand that animals should not suffer before slaughter, so they should not “live” in such a terrible state. All chickens should run in cages, and chickens should not live in cages for the sole purpose of laying eggs. Do not lock the pig in a cage just for fattening. The cow should not stand and wait for the machine to milk her, nor should it wait for the machine to milk the milk intended for her calf.
This is not fanaticism, this is a naked statement of facts. I think I can do it like this. You think we should take care of the animals that give us meat, milk, eggs and the most important things in our lives.
You actually ate the chicken you\’ve been watching for months, locked in a cage, sick, suffering, crying for help. You will either really kill him or let him hit him and just eat him. We do not think so.
Prase, sele, farma.
It\’s easy to separate yourself from all this and go to the store, choose meat and not even think about its origin. It should not be like this. Previously, we treated the animal better as food, the animal lived in acceptable conditions, the farmer took care of him, gave him the best he had, and I think it was ok to do that accordingly.
We are carnivores, we do not deny that we should eat meat and eggs and drink milk, but we should never sacrifice.
We need to think about what we eat and where we come from. We should also be interested in how animals live and how they die, so it should be, and we should not look away from it
It is also about the fact that we do not need to eat meat every day, even before the meat was not eaten every day, it was a festive thing. Now we are overwhelmed with meat, we have it everywhere, and we can actually eat it every day, sometimes several times a day
If we do not have the opportunity to buy domestic meat, buy eggs from organic meat, farmer\’s milk, only free range and milk only organic. Yes, we agree, everything is much more expensive. But it\’s only good when everything becomes more festive and more valuable. Let\’s invest in quality food and encourage better treatment of animals. It is simple, there is no demand, it gradually disappears, and vice versa. We should not be blind to the cruelty of animals, we need to face it and inform as many people as possible.