An Island of Many Beauties

If you can\’t choose between the mountains, the sea, or the possibility of interesting culinary experiences when deciding on a vacation destination, Crete is right up your alley. Crete has it all. It is also an interesting place for history lovers. The famous Palace of Knossos was built for them during the Minoan civilization. [It stood here for 3,000 years.

– It may have been gradually ruined by the fury of time, but that has not diminished its splendor.
seitan limania beach

A trip to the city of Chania is also interesting. Not far from there is a beautiful monastery. However, it is necessary to follow certain understandable rules and dress appropriately. Gentlemen are required to wear long pants only, and women are required to wear skirts.

After enjoying the countless sights, one can relax on the beautiful sandy beach. Hotels have the great advantage of having a gentle entrance to the sea. This will be especially welcomed by the elderly and families with small children. However, comfortable beaches can be found almost anywhere. [For example, a trip to the towns of Sougia, Loutro, or Matala will reveal not only crystal clear waters, but also the ruins left behind by the ancient inhabitants.

In some places, jet skis can be rented for trips on the water.

Hotels can also book trips to mountainous areas, which are also worth seeing.

[22] The specialties of the Bohemian region are second to none. For example, you may have already tasted the traditional Greek gyros and souvoujaki. But Crete has many more specialties, and the taste is somewhat different. But it is probably because of the setting. [29] [30]-In Athens, for example, you may not like potato pancakes as much. [So don\’t miss it.