The Art of Relaxation

People are pushed to higher levels of performance and higher demands are placed on them. They sleep less, work more, and in many cases, their own desires drive them forward. [Workaholism is slowly becoming a matter of virtue, necessary to achieve “something” in life, to make decent money, and to occupy a higher social position.

So people work hard. They work day and night. They are highly motivated and want to achieve their dream goals
workoholik v noci.
workoholik v noci
A sentence I have heard countless times in my life and maybe even said myself. People who pursue their goals with determination and commitment do not resist making everything else in their lives fit into it. So the problem of lack of time is solved by sleeping less, or spending less time socializing, or simply taking unproductive rest.

“Time is money. The less you take advantage of yourself, the more you lose.
This is a slogan that is today respected and taken to heart by all who mean anything. Of course, not everyone can make such demands on their bodies, not everyone can endure such a work regime. Then, there is the collapse or breakdown of the body,or even a heart attack.

The body is not a robot, and when it refuses to respond to individual signals that something is wrong, it begins to fight back. When we do not realize that we are exhausted from our normal symptoms, the body tells us in a harsher, but therefore clearer, way. We have to react to it already, but most of us are a little afraid of it, so we stop taking our health for granted and instead slow down our work pace and worsen our performance.

If you happen to find yourself in the typical workaholic traits, but failure has not yet befallen you, be glad and start listening to your body now. Signals such as headaches, indigestion, fatigue, back pain,etc. are not given out because your body enjoys them.
stres nebo relaxace
They are really trying to tell you something! Don\’t beat yourself up for not being productive, and don\’t be afraid to set aside time to do nothing, to relax, to sleep, or to be with loved ones. If you do, you will see your productivity improve during working hours!