Animals are beautiful

Anyone who closely observes the world around them, or even just watches documentaries about animals, can see how nature can create interesting and beautiful creatures. The variety of colors in some animals is unbelievable. Parrots come in all shades of vibrant color. But there are also interesting creatures in the insect world, lizards, mammals, and birds.

ledňáček na větvičce

River kingfishers, for example. This small bird of the kingfisher family is striking for its beautiful blue coloration. The color of its azure feathers is unmistakable. If you are lucky, you may encounter one in a clear waterway.

The green of the green jumper, on the other hand, is striking .

It is one of the most endangered animals. Although some may be disgusted by this animal because it represents the frog world, every animal has its own special charm at times.

You must have seen the crowned peacock . It is impossible to miss this imposing representative of the pheasant. Because of the beautiful color of its plumage, it is kept as an ornamental bird in the parks and gardens of castles.

It is unmistakably a golden plover.
When illuminated by the sun, its feathers glow blue-green. It is quite common here. It is not an endangered species.

Look a little farther across the border and you will find a few more interesting and impressive creatures. For example, the Great Ocelot. This uniquely colored beast is quite beautiful. Its graceful movements combined with its distinctive coat color make it a very elegant animal.

The chameleonalso has a certain elegance that cannot be denied. The possibility of changing its body color is only to be envied. Who among us knows how to adapt our color to our environment?
chameleon na větvičce

Interestingly,there is the Mandarin Kusari snake. The yellow and black colors of this snail are incredibly beautiful. Its unusual coloration attracts attention. Its colors are distinctly different from those of other species of snails.

When you go out for a walk, look around. You will see many interesting creatures.