Two is a couple, three is a family

Many young couples today are experiencing the surprise of an unplanned pregnancy that may or may not lead to a happy home. However, a small number of couples have been trying in vain for years to conceive, and the longer the effort drags on, the more difficult and unfulfilling the relationship seems, especially for the couple. A longed-for baby is undoubtedly a delightful gift, but we must not forget the love we felt when we “started trying.”
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The Child in the Manual
When two people make love they visit their gynecologist. Certainly that is not a bad thing, and avoiding possible complications in advance is the right thing to do. But to immediately resort to hormonal support after the first “failure” or to subordinate the effort to carefully calculated fertile days, phases of the moon, or times that fortune tellers say will surely lead to conception can only lead to stress and make the effort quite cumbersome.
Try the “old-fashioned way”
Exclusive procedures, time-consuming procedures, and lengthy preparations for the baby\’s conception are likely to kill romance and leave one exhausted with disappointment. Many forget that it was primarily because of the love that was often lost in the process leading up to conception that they and their spouses began to think about having a baby. How about remembering that love more and more? A romantic evening by the lake, at a cottage, or in a charming hotel would be a pleasant surprise, and storks would fly to the relaxed lovebirds as if on cue.
There are other ways
Of course, it is true that sometimes all the love in the world will not help in the traditional way, and outside help is needed. Various paths lead to babies, and today any determined couple can become parents.
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– Fertility treatment-whether through natural means or medically recommended hormone therapy-allows one to set out to meet the child one desires.
– Artificial insemination – Today, it is possible for a woman to become a parent. It is a “scientific journey,” but at the end of it, a unique experience awaits: pregnancy.
– Foster care andadoption-Biological failure does not mean that a couple cannot be a loving mom and dad. There are many children waiting for love and care.