Believe, be sure, use common sense

This view is shared by quite a few people who are interested not only in our own affairs, but in foreign politics, economics, and general events around us.

There are many political discussions and open opinions on the Internet and social media. Of course, there are some facts that cannot be twisted. Especially when it comes to the economy and government resolutions, but even that can be explained differently.
kybernetická bezpečnost

Where would we be today without the Internet? This question may seem naive, as many people cannot imagine their daily lives without the Internet.However, there are still people among us who live their lives without any need for the Internet at all. These people are not deprived of anything; in a sense, they are happy. And it does not matter how old they are. Let us honor these exceptions.

Without the Internet, there might not have been Facebook, various social networks, or blogs where people could freely express anything. For better or worse. The Internet saves us a lot of time, which we can use much more effectively than going to the office, the bank, or shopping. It\’s a great tool for work and play. [Be especially careful when connecting to public wireless networks. There are several things you can do to protect your data
zabezpečená webová stránka

. This is especially true whenever you connect in non-public WIFI networks, such as coffee shops, shopping malls, on trains, in offices, at exhibitions, etc.

ØKeep your computer and cell phone security up-to-date and your firewall(software that monitors all data coming into your computer network)

and keep your firewall turned on.

ØCheck, if you have an automatic connection to an available WIFI network (laptop, cell phone) , turn this option off.

ØTo protect your privacy almost perfectly(especially on non-public WIFI networks, download VPN, both paid and free. When choosing, look for advice, experience, and reviews.

ØOver and over again – Be careful which websites you open and protect your personal information with security Be careful which websites you open. Check the address of even familiar e-mails (e.g., from your bank). Do not click on links or open attachmentsin unfamiliar emails . This will prevent malicious malware from gaining access to your personal data and passwords.