The Crazy 80s

When it comes to 80s fashion, there is no need to dwell on memories. You can still buy models that incorporate those elements. If you are so inclined. Some people loved it (or found something that suited them), others don\’t need it and are glad it\’s gone. But few will forget the leggings, the “mold,” the giant shoulder pads, the head “trvcha.”

tanečnice na diskotéce

The 1980s were characterized by economic growth in the “West” and “totalitarianism” here. Nevertheless, many of the fashion waves of the time have already reached us. Or at least we have produced something similar.

Woman or man?

Fashion was wild, full of bright colors and glitter. They drew inspiration from cultures around the world. Characteristically, while emphasizing body shape, they blurred the distinction between men and women. How many times did we find ourselves unsure whether we were looking at a girl or a boy on the TV screen, at a disco or concert, or on a street corner? They all had narrow waists, broad shoulders, long wavy hair (often permed) with bangs, and earrings.

styl 80-tých let


As far as “pants” fashion is concerned, leggings probably best characterize the 1980s. Everyone wore them everywhere. In many cases, they were really colorful. Not only did people wear sneakers to the gym, but they also wore pumps to work. And jeans of all kinds and cuts were all the rage. In our country, the original brand was only available in Tuzex. And they were expensive. We wore a lot of so-called “misshapen” jeans, made by “chemical peeling”. For example, the style of trousers featured so-called “carrot” trousers, where the legs were wide at the top and tapered down to the ankle. As a result, the legs could barely be pushed into the hem.

Pads and tape

The “square” silhouette was in vogue. Large pads were added not only to blazers and blouses, but also to T-shirts, dresses, and various overalls. Those who did not want to have broad shoulders and a “Rambo-like body” had to combine them with something else. Long colorful sweaters and distinctive belts. And they wore elastic miniskirts or leggings, or both at the same time. Belts were worn by most models. Often quite bulky, with large clasps and different materials and colors.

Disco and rock

Disco fashion was colorful, glittery, crazy, and “rock and roll. Clothes were sewn with sequins. Large chains were worn around the neck and boldly colored earrings were worn in the ears. Pershing was in vogue as a form of body adornment. Skinny jeans, jeans, leather jackets, leather pants, and chunky boots were essential to the rocker\’s wardrobe. They were adorned with studs, patches, and safety pins.