Detox four times a year!

Surely we all want to be fit and healthy. With this cleanse, you can enjoy your food without the risk of starvation.

As you can see, this cleanse is taken once a year from foods that are readily available at any time of the year.Before beginning the detox, it is important to decide how many days you want to continue. The appropriate number of days is several. Nutritionists recommend a maximum of 10 days, beyond which there is a risk of health problems.
detoxikační vodaIdeally, the golden mean is 3 to 5 days. This number of days is sufficient to cleanse the body (especially the liver) of toxic substances. How you schedule it is up to you. How does it work? Here is a brief explanation of why the cleansing procedure is best.
detoxikační voda

You can start at any time and in any season, but it is best to start after winter is over. Why? After the Christmas vacations, our bodies are at their most overworked. Be sure to include herbal teas (not the ones that come in sachets, but herbs that grow around you or dried herbs sold in health food and tea stores) in your diet. Have mint and lemon at home? Great, add them to a pitcher of water instead of juice to detoxify the body in addition to vitamins. Food-wise, include foods (fruits and vegetables) in your diet that will lighten your winter-weary stomach and provide your body with plenty of vitamins. In the summer, it is important to eat foods that will completely cleanse the body of pollutants while providing the necessary nutrients. Look for foods (such as watermelon) that will help your body to eliminate water. It is also important to play sports in the summer, as this is the time of year when we are most mobile.

After the Indian summer, autumn arrives and the body prepares for the depressing weather and mood changes ahead. It is not long before the flu season hits, so it is important to pay attention to your immune system during this time, but it is also important to stay physically active (running outside or exercising at home) and to take plenty of vitamin C (grapes, kiwis, apples).
tácek s příbory

Finally, it is important in winter to get adequate rest. Because of the Christmas vacations and various parties during this cold season, the purification rituals will not begin until January. Do you like this system? If so,I recommend the book Detox quickly and easily by Lucie Reynier. Then, here you go!