What do I need to know before entering college?

If you are going to college and are really meticulously preparing for college, surely everyone will tell you how much fun school is and how school is made for you. You probably look forward to the endless parties on campus and the interesting lectures at school. But what is it really like?
knihovna univerzity
Lectures are mostly boring
During my time at school, there were only four lecturers who knew how to teach in a way that made me not want to make a bed on that uncomfortable bench in the lecture hall. Don\’t get me wrong. That is the case in most Czech universities. Most teachers are just scholars and scientists, and their goal is not to present material in an interesting way. If you can provide a lot of coffee or the lecturers can provide you with lecture transcripts, you can consider another activity. Perhaps a writing seminar, because there are plenty of them.

Some dorms are known for their occasional parties. However, most dorms operate quietly, and students study or go dancing elsewhere. In fact, some students want quiet and do not want to spend their time banging on doors.
Students only study during exam periods
Some majors do not really need to study during the semester, and everything is done during exam periods. However, some majors do not, and must write midterm exams. In many cases, you must score a certain number of points on these tests or you will not even be allowed to take them. The first few classes will give you an idea of what you need to do to pass the course.20] černá propiska
College is hard
Of course, all schools are hard, but if you study a little and keep preparing, college is usually not much harder than high school. The advantage is that you will no longer have to take general courses and will most likely only take courses that are close to your major.