elephants and lions

We love animals, animals, animals. I think you all know this song. I like this song very much because I learned it in kindergarten. I really enjoyed going to kindergarten. But there were some children in our kindergarten who did not want to go to kindergarten, and I liked to stay at home with my parents. I loved my parents, but I enjoyed spending time with the children. I was also very happy when I went to the zoo with my kindergarten.

Sloni jsou chytří.

I really like animals and I have many animals at home, but my favorite animals are the ones I cannot have at home. Elephants because they are really big and powerful animals and they have long trunks. Later, when I was in fourth grade, my parents bought me an encyclopedia of animals because I was a voracious reader. I immediately looked for elephants, tigers, and lions. I was happy when I found beautiful animals there and read interesting things about them. 21]

Slony mám ráda.

The books about animals were very carefully written and I was amazed many times by what animals could do and what they were I was surprised many times by what animals can do and what they are. This is because children these days are all about games and show no interest in what our country is like or what our nature has to offer. Speaking of animals, what kind of animals did you grow up with as a child? I myself grew up in the countryside, so we had a lot of animals at home, but not my favorite horse, for example. So I thought I would at least look at their pictures.