Love on the Internet

Nowadays, many people meet through the Internet and it is very common. This topic was also solved in film art. We can recall the love of the famous film on the Internet from the rock of 1998.

At that time, the Internet was still relatively young and used mainly in the field of management. Personal activity and communication began to develop slowly but surely.
nápoj v dlaních

In the film, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan met. Love through the Internet was already the 3rd joint venture. The first film the pair met was Joe vs Volcano, the 2nd film was Seattle\’s famous solitude, and the 3rd film was not so famous.This is what we are talking about today. Both actors still met together in 2015 during the filming of the film Ithaca.

This film is a classic of cinematic romance. Through the Internet, two young people from New York will be close, not knowing that they know each other in real life. What\’s more, they hate each other in real life. Both share a common profession, but each has a completely different approach. Both are bookstores. Meg plays the role of a lover of literature who wants to bring this wonderful world closer to children, because he sells children\’s books, but Tom Hanks opens a huge bookstore, a house of such books, and he is mainly interested in profit, destroying all the small bookstores in the neighborhood.He is perfect, but only the heroine\’s shop is still trying to resist too strong competitors, but in the end her shop ends.

Meg and Tom confide and approach each other through the news, but in fact they increasingly hate each other. Of course, this is a romantic film, so of course the film ends with a happy ending.
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The atmosphere of the film is greatly enhanced by the wonderful atmosphere of New York. The film was undoubtedly very timeless at the time, as it pre-outlined the trends of the future era – encounters over the network.