Fear of injections

I have always been very concerned about my health. I never wanted to get sick. Who wouldn\’t? I was really afraid of injections, doctors and hospitals. I couldn\’t imagine doctors taking my blood. But the truth is, there is no one in the world who hasn\’t had their blood drawn. I\’m betting on it. And all my money. And I have it! But it was my turn. I\’m pregnant. So, my health was really the priority here. Not just my health, but the health of the baby. And of course, as you know, when you are pregnant, you have to have your blood drawn many times. It\’s like a treadmill.

Injekcí se bojím.

I honestly lost count of how many times the doctor took my blood during the whole nine months. I can\’t tell you how many times I almost fainted or got sick. I thought I might let my soul out. I am not very good at drawing blood. But I did it for my own health and the health of my baby. And thankfully, I got through it.

Beru pravidelně vitamíny.

I only have one child because I\’m really afraid of having my hand cut open again as the doctor keeps drawing blood. I know it won\’t hurt. I agree, but just the feeling of someone taking my blood is very disturbing and irritating. Anyway, health is health and I know I will suffer again for my second child. And what do you imagine if someone were to donate blood on a regular basis? I think it would be a really great act, because blood is needed everywhere. But of course, it has to come from healthy people. The person donating blood must be healthy and have a lifestyle to match. I respect blood donors. I can stand the feeling of donating blood and the fact that it takes time. But it saves someone\’s life. Do you donate blood too?