What not to miss in my wardrobe

One of the things you should wear is the little black dress. Little black dresses are versatile and can be worn to any place or event. You can wear it to a job interview, a date, a meeting with friends, or a job interview. You just need to match the accessories. This versatile dress leads to black or nude pumps. They don\’t necessarily have to be high heels like you would wear with stilettos, but they should be comfortable enough to wear anywhere.
Žena v černém saku
Another outfit classified as formal is the black blazer, which will definitely come in handy for work as well as interviews. But don\’t be fooled, a blazer can be a very casual piece of clothing, definitely try it in the summer or spring with summer dresses.
A good quality handbag should not be overlooked. Don\’t be afraid to invest in a handbag, because if you take good care of it, it can last you for years.
An oversized T-shirt in white or black is recommended. It may sound boring, but it\’s very comfortable and appreciated when you\’re not at your best; T-shirts look great with blazers and white pants. They go with everything, and once you find the right size and shape, you\’ll be able to wear them on all your errands and outings.
Žena s džíny a bílými boty
Of course, blue jeans go well with all of these. Need I add? I don\’t think anyone can imagine their wardrobe without jeans anymore. Anyway, get the ones that fit you best. They should be ones that don\’t fall down or get notched. Jeans with lycra should be one size smaller because they can pull up.
This advice may sound boring, but take a look at your wardrobe and see what is missing from these items. All of these outfits can be mixed and matched, so you can\’t go wrong. Of course, you can also glam up with accessories to suit your taste.