Forgotten Diseases Back to the scene

Many diseases are known only from storytelling. Some are associated with poverty and poor hygiene, so in our republic they have not been vaccinated for a long time. But some of them are starting to happen again among people, and the disease is often constantly increasing.


Vaccines and treatments for tuberculosis exist, but there are concerns about the increase in the disease worldwide. Every year, up to 900 million people worldwide are infected, of which about 200 million are killed. Tuberculosis is transmitted by airborne droplets. Tuberculosis was known as a disease of poor peasants. 19. But in the XIX century it was almost eradicated, but now it appears on the scene again.

Symptoms of tuberculosis
Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a severe, prolonged, irritating cough that causes phlegm and blood coughs, fever, weight loss, and general fatigue and malaise.

Treatment can be difficult and requires long-term use of antibiotics, reducing the number of bacteria in the lungs and bloodstream. Timely diagnosis is always a prerequisite for successful healing.


Tuberculosis can be easily protected by vaccination. Vaccination is mandatory in the Czech Republic and is regulated by law. Other forms of prevention include compliance with basic hygiene practices and health principles.

Whooping cough
Whooping cough has been eradicated in our country, but in recent years it has been discovered again among people. It is responsible for the large number of migrants. The number of infected people is increasing, and deaths from this highly contagious disease, which is transmitted by air, mainly through coughing, sneezing and biting the nose, are no exception.

Symptoms of pertussis
Pertussis begins with mild discomfort, such as a runny nose or weakness. To this, a typical dry, stuttering cough, in which the attack is tired, is gradually added, often causes vomiting, which can last more than 3 months.

In the treatment of pertussis, antibiotics are used.

Although pertussis vaccination is mandatory in our country, more and more cases are reported, so it is recommended to be vaccinated to protect not only themselves, but also children, especially for future parents.