Facebook and Fake News

The Guardian\’s English website published a short report that Facebook, the number one social networking site, is beginning to test new features in the US. Itis to eliminate fake news(which may be the Czech equivalent of fake news) and replace it with local and verified news.

FB uses a special system to check messages. If this system determines that a message is fakeor misleading, the system can discard the message. However, it can also replace it with a verified message. Additionally, if the registration is correct (i.e., the address on your account is correct), you will receive a message from your municipality. Only those specified in the settings. This should completely curb the spread of fake news and prevent it from showing up.
černý facebook

Exactly what “meter” will be used remains to be seen. According to some media outlets, this is a new one in a series of initiatives that will have little impact on users. Apparently, this alludes to one of the fake news stories about Irish immigrants and their alleged treatment as modern-day slaves. 17]The report was called fake by Newport Buzz at the time,

but it was already widespread among people and believed by many. It is precisely this misinformation that the new service is trying to prevent.

Facebook admits to working with news-checking groups. These include such prestigious periodicals as the Associated Press, ABC News, Snopes, and Politifact. And Brooke Binkowski, CEO of Snopes, saidhe is not sure about the service\’s effectiveness. He said that these fake news items come in so fast and hard, like an avalanche, that it may be too late to catch them anyway.

Plain and simple, if only two of the reviewers have doubts, they should label the article fake. Others should check it out and figure out what is true and what is not. But since thisprocess tends to be lengthy, there are two options. Either the message can be stopped, but is no longer news, or it can be released to the world, but with the risk that it may not be based on the truth.

I myself am against control of any kind. All news should be discussed by readers with their own minds and their brains marked accordingly. What do you think? Do you believe everything that is written?