Google is shutting down its services

To be honest, I\’m only now learning about some of the cancelled features. So I can\’t say I\’m mourning them. Let\’s look together at what will actually no longer be offered.
– Google +
– URL shorteners
– Inbox (email)
zvětšený google
It doesn\’t look like it, but Uncle has been around for 15 years. And in that time, he has certainly gained a lot of experience in what clients like and what they don\’t like. So I think he knows what he\’s doing, even if a lot more of the things listed above quit.Google +
was a service whose end was announced long ago. It was meant to serve a purpose similar to FB. You could create groups, follow people, ……. However, users were not very enthusiastic. It did not meet their expectations. And when the possibility of a data breach, and even a personal data breach, was discovered, the decision was made to close the service permanently.
URL shortenersare the classic ones that shorten long web addresses into shorter ones; unfortunately for Google, there are too many such services online. Perhaps because is useless. In any case, it won\’t matter anymore, and we will no longer encounter their Shortener.
žena s tabletem v baru
I have never even found inbox, a service designed for e-mail addresses, let alone used it. Therefore, my knowledge of this service is rather limited and superficial. For example, it was probably intended to function as an all-in-one task manager. Bookmarking, saving emails to groups, and other minor tweaks should have put this feature in the limelight, but they did not. As far as I can guess, most of the features are already in Mail, so inbox became an afterthought, or unnecessary.
NU and finally, the end of cell phone sales and production.
The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be discontinued [25]. Maybe there is still a last one lying around somewhere, so please look for it. Good luck.