At a reduced price

Shipping costs can make up a significant portion of the price, especially when purchasing items from the US or Asia. However, since shipping usually only costs one time for the entire order, why not ask someone in your area to pick and order together and reduce the shipping cost? Even if there are only two people, the cost is already cut in half, and with ten people, what was originally a substantial amount of money becomes negligible. Another option is to order one large package, especially for groceries. Not only are larger packages cheaper when converted to grams or liters, but they often have a fixed shipping cost, so you can budget accordingly. Besides, no one consumes five pounds of peanut butter (well, almost no one), but if you divide it among five people, it\’s a pretty reasonable amount.
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The Magic of Wholesalers
For non-perishable groceries, check out wholesalers\’ websites. At first you may feel uncomfortable buying 10 kilos of pasta, but it won\’t go bad, and it will be much cheaper than buying the same amount in stages at your local supermarket. However, you need to be careful to buy only the amount of food that you have a realistic chance of using up. Otherwise, you could end up buying wasted food, which could cost you a great deal financially.
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Other people\’s waste is your treasure
Much has been written about the existence of online bazaars and auctions, and in a word, they are wonderful. People often buy something, then realize they don\’t really need it, and are willing to part with it at a ridiculous price just to keep it from getting stuck in their home. So they may get a new cell phone whose owner wants a newer model, or an antique piece of furniture that the owner never uses. Not to mention being wary of thieves and scammers, but we all know that by now. Let\’s hunt in the sea of the Internet!