Home for the holidays? Why?

When you think about it, vacationing at home has many advantages. The accommodations are perfect for your tastes and you don\’t have to worry about strange cuisine. You have plenty of plans saved for “someday,” and now is the perfect time to put them into action. It\’s not about painting the kitchen or cleaning out the attic. It could be going to the new corner restaurant, swimming in the dam, or visiting a museum for the first time in years. A vacation at home is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all that rest. Plus, there\’s no pressure to get it done during your vacation… There is no pressure to get it done.
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But even these home vacations require planning. First of all, it must be made clear in advance that it is a vacation, i.e., that staying in town does not mean abruptly cutting out of work to help your parents with yard work, watch your friend\’s kids, and walk the neighborhood dog while you\’re at it. The principle of vacation is to have time for yourself and your hobbies. If you are worried that someone will try to take advantage of your presence or free time, spread the word ahead of time that whatever someone wants from you will have to wait. Another option is to book trips and programs in advance. After all, “I\’m sorry, but I can\’t make it because I have theater reservations and a dinner engagement” is more persuasive than “Could you please wait?” is more persuasive. In both cases, however, there is no shame in ignoring the demands of those around you.
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Worried that your family won\’t accept your plans to spend two weeks at home? Try coming up with something your partner or children have long wanted for the money you would normally put aside for a trip or something else. Have you always wanted to take a pedal boat ride but it seemed like a waste of money? Now is your chance. Or that ridiculously expensive but super delicious ice cream from that fancy cafe? It\’s your vacation, so why not treat yourself? It\’s your vacation, after all.